I Am An Astronaut: A Concept Album

by generation no

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released April 29, 2010




generation no Waco, Texas

"you must be ready to burn yourself in your own flame;
how could you rise anew if you have not first become ashes?"

"a singer-songwriter who can neither sing nor write songs."
-generation no

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Track Name: Beware the Sheep Shagger
The boys are coming...

Lock up your daughters
Lock up your sheep
Keep one eye open
At night when you sleep

Hear the wind howl
Shudder, your window
They're on the prowl
You're better off the less that you know

I learned that the hard way

The boys are coming...

'You're just like them,'
he said with a grin.
'You're just like me.'
'No wonder I find myself
so fucking disgusting!'

The boys are coming...

Do I look like I care?

I learned that life's not fair.
Track Name: F*ck Me
When your body's
pressed against mine
I inhale your soul
I'm dreaming of Old Spice

But when you hold me
I hate this hold you have over me
And when you leave,
I don't even know what to think

This is dangerous
We both know it
This will be the death of us
We both know it...

(and he said, you know me better than that!)

There's a disconnect,
a tattered spiderweb
and everything we've said
can be taken different than what we meant
and love isn't supposed
to be this way
we've read the books and everything
you'll close your eyes
i'll close mine, too
when I kiss you, we're sleeping in the same bed
we've never been
so far apart
we've never been like

3 'o clock in the morning
inside of me there's a war
static freedom, I believe in
light that match

the only sound is your snoring
inside of me there's a bomb
crimson and clover, knock me over
with your laugh

(and he said, let's toast to today!)


Want my dignity? It's yours!
You f*ck me and then look at me with scorn!
How else should I humiliate myself?
I'm completely open to suggestions...
Track Name: Thirteen Stories
Thirteen stories
Thirteen minutes
the time it takes to make it up
may just be the death of you

and you're not afraid
you claim
life flashing before your eyes
future up in flames

Twelve years
no tears
the books are my shelves are nothing but dust
and the shell of my former self is covered with rust
and the last thing I need is to think anymore
and wonder, What if?

I watched that falling star
with a morbid interest
I didn't make a wish 'cause that would be stupid
I just thought about burning out
and how close I am
I can taste it now
I can taste you now

Don't worry about me
I know you're not
I'll make due
I always have
I'm not gonna give you the satisfaction of blindly tearing myself apart

These remnants here are my shattered heart
and I've got superglue, and lots of time
and frankly, my dear, that is the divine

The best years of my life
were stolen away in a night
and maybe, I should just curl up and die
maybe, it's not worth putting up a fight
maybe, I don't know what the hell I'm doing anymore

Maybe. What if? Maybe. What if?
Track Name: The Stars
I used to imagine
the stars were friends of mine
it's not fair, they'd say
to never see the light

I'd be inclined to agree
I could see the sun, but it couldn't see me
It lost a bet to the dark
on who could own my heart

The great boar bore the burden too
Orion and I are the hunter and hunted
Not to mention, terribly haunted
I kept waiting for my chest to cave in

I don't want to say my dreams came true
Never had a dream as nice as this
Human contact, I surrender
They can't promise, but I surrender

The shadows that live in all of us
appear just to laugh at me
But I'm laughing, too, for the first time
I have friends - friends in real life!

And sometimes
when I close my eyes
and will it so
I can feel it inside of me

It's very faint,
but it's still beating.
Track Name: The Tale of Uncle
Come one and come all
to my wonderous show
I'll give you entertainment with a red bow
and you'll clap and applaud
and it's really not hard
Have you ever seen one of these in person before?!

I travelled the desert to get the great grey sand lizard
right through the tundra for the one-eyed black cobra
and that's not the least of it
be prepared to exclaim
I've even got a Brazilian Carbuncle to my name!

Uncle, the Carbuncle
has a brain the average size of human's
Uncle, the Carbuncle
has an invaluable blue jewel where that brain meets his spine
Uncle, the Carbuncle
must live with the knowledge he's worth more dead than alive
Uncle, the Carbuncle
is just one of many in a long, sad line
Track Name: All About Jewels
I always had the unfortunate habit of
picking at my scabs
I do it without thinking, until,
blood is on my hands
Fortuitiously, I made a mess of things
once again
I hope you stick around
you got through to me
I won't let this end

I wanna feel forever and know what that is...

"Strange, how we, creatures of the petty ways"
lock our doors but close our eyes while saying grace
Can't walk two feet without tripping all over you
Do you think of me the way I think of you?

Hate counting chickens before they hatch
Hate thinking of my battered past
Hate the way my heart patters around my chest
I wanna feel forever and know what that is...

Am I alive, or just faking?
Are you mine, or for the taking?
Alexandrite. Carbuncle red and left for dead.
Am I awake, or just dreaming?
'Cause I don't deserve this at all

Strange to see an unfamiliar smile on the face
of a girl whose body I memorized
everything from the Bible to Wilde and I still don't know
how to let you know

Hate, think, love is nothing more than hating someone
because you're annoyed when they're not around
I'm such a romantic. How did you do this?
I wanna feel forever and know what that is...

I don't deserve this. I don't deserve this. I don't deserve this. I don't deserve this at all...

I always had the unfortunate habit of
picking at my scabs...
Track Name: Asleep
I lost everything I owned in the battle
I lost his face when the gun went off in my hand
It was an accident

I fell to the ground
begging for forgiveness
from something, whatever, I'll just have to fake it
like everyone else

I'm not kidding my-

What is the meaning of interpretation?
Life is different when it's not your own you're dealing with
It was an accident

Dirt in your hair and on your hands, you can't pretend
something, whatever, it's all the same in the end
I'm not kidding myself

I'm not kidding my-

But part of me's saying, Hold on to this feeling
you'd have to be an idiot to give it up
and I will confess I think I deserve happiness after everything
But I can't do that to you, don't know what you really want
I'm the king of bad luck and you're just a pawn
Do us both a favor and just move on
I'm asleep, you've newly opened eyes
I'm a creep, you opened my eyes
Come down to me, fair maiden
Walk alone in the wood
If I eat you alive
It'll satisfy us both but won't do any good

(I lost everything I owned in the battle)

Twenty years old and dead on the inside
I won't play witness to your similar demise
You're so innocent

I'm hollow now, the last straw broke the camel's back
Please leave love and don't look back
You're so innocent

I'm not kidding myself

I'm not kidding my-


This is goodbye.

This is goodbye.

I fooled myself into thinking that maybe
something could happen, but nothing could happen to me
like this...