left​-​handed scissors

by generation no

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released April 5, 2012




generation no Waco, Texas

"you must be ready to burn yourself in your own flame;
how could you rise anew if you have not first become ashes?"

"a singer-songwriter who can neither sing nor write songs."
-generation no

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Track Name: Ion
Accidental brilliance, while something to be admired,
is hardly something to aspire toward

so put the second-handers in their place
“it’s art for art’s sake” is a fool’s refrain
tell me why I oughta recall your name


The footsteps that you swore you heard
the words you oh-so-bravely muttered
were muddled and so I received a mixed message
I don’t pretend to be an expert in the realm of artistry
and I’m only positive because of your electronegativity


And oh-woah-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh
and I don’t really know the answer
and oh-woah…
and I don’t really care to find out
no I don’t really care at all
I just blame it on Adam’s fall
Track Name: Die In Texas
Take this song and fuck it
come on I know you want to
I’m a dime a dozen
but at least I’m aware of it
I’ve never written anything
that didn’t totally suck
and I never called you back
because it’s too much work
being in love
and I’m still so, so young
And I don’t want to live in texas
I don’t want to get pregnant
sometimes I pretend that I’m German
sometimes I pretend that I’m ethel merman
and when I close my eyes I can almost taste the sea, Henry
I’ve never had someone take pity on me before, Henry
I’m inherently pitiful yet innately invisible and I really don’t want to get married
And I don’t want to die in Texas
I’d kill it if I got pregnant
sometimes I pretend that I’m German
sometimes I pretend that I’m normal
and my fantasy and my real life never collide, but I
I just keep on trying
I see it on the horizon
and if I think it’s real, then it must be real
If I think it’s real, then it must be real
And I’m not trying to
tell you how to feel
but if I think it’s real, then it must be real
Track Name: (Break Break) Break My Heart
maybe your first really is your worst
and maybe i shouldn't be so surprised
you're beautiful but you're deadly
bodies left in your wake, and i

i had the gall to think that maybe
ours was a different story
you put the artist in con; don't even realize you're wrong
you're looking right at me but can't say what you see

so break break break my heart
rip it to shreds and tear me apart
i knew, knew, knew what i was getting into

maybe you're dumb. or maybe it's me
but either way one of has failed and it's time to bail
when you're young you believe in true love
but baby i'm not that naive

so break break break my heart
you've never told me the truth no need to start
i knew, knew, knew but i still trusted you
Track Name: Paul & Thecla
raped all the men that stood before me
they went and told all their friends they got lucky
and i was left with nothing
but a pregnancy

it's a man's world, darling, he said
shifting his cowboy hat subconsciously
and i all i could do was nod and agree
Track Name: Therapist Song
you talk to your therapist every two weeks
but you don't talk to me
you'd rather pretend that i think that you're perfect
and i'd rather think that you are

tell me where to start
show me what you are
it won't fix everything but i think it might help

and isn't it crazy to think that maybe
we've reached the end
and isn't it awful to think that i want this
a phantom limb

give me what you've got
i'll take one every day
it won't fix everything but it's bound to help

it's hard to believe that i haven't seen you
in almost year
though if i were honest, and i'm never honest,
i didn't see you then

i can't be the only one
who finds leda and the swan romantic
give me what you've got
tell me where to start
it can't fix everything but nothing could
Track Name: Undone
Read the book from the epilogue
Fall in love with a skeleton
Do whatever you feel you have to
The endings are all that matter to you

Orgasm before you shake her hand
Get divorced without the marriage
Living life without all of the aches
On the opposite I'm addicted to novacaine

Your eyes, so hollow and empty
Tend to, flicker and then fade
Come on, tell me you love me

Your will was written with no description
Drowning in indifference is masochistic
No matter how you spin it
Life is how you live it


You will never know
You will never know
You will never know
What if this is it?
Track Name: New Hungarian Quarterly
sugar and blood and democracy too
it's all been said before
i'll spew my guts out to the stars
blurry faces at grand central station

i am walt whitman drinking chamomile
this is the arm's race, Je m'appelle* freedom
this is the end of an era, i can tell
this is the country i died for, this is

hell is other people
hell is bum-bum-bum
hell is other people
inspect your ashes
inspect your past and
what did you expect?
i'm a nervous wreck
it's in my constitution

running around in circles
there's no need to be so square
in this world it's more acceptable
to lose your head than to lose your hair

running through a forest
you come across a field of crosses
it's better to have loved and lost
than to count your losses

count your losses
hell is other people

this is the country i died for

isn't it swell?

*I'm not retarded**, I just kept tripping over the word during recording and this version was me just trying to get through the song without messing up. I do, however, find this mispronunciation perfectly acceptable because this is a song about America, after all.

**I am slightly ableist, though.
Track Name: Only
took me down to the city
his face was dirty
and his cheeks were red

this is
where the misguided youth congregate
he said waving his arms
with a flourish i couldn't re-create
his mom kicked him out last year

he's only seventeen, if you know what i mean

if that's your real name
rode in on a horse and
it never was the same

you went straight to the soldiers
and said, “this is how it’s done”
and they followed your orders
and bathed themselves in blood

your parents begged you not to go

you were only seventeen, if you know what i mean

i met you through mark
i've thought about you a lot
i thought we should talk

is god as much a cool guy
as i imagine him to be
and if god’s imaginary
what that hell does that mean

at least your father spoke to you

you were only seventeen, if you know what i mean
Track Name: Amelia Wood
amelia, amelia would
do that to herself
amelia, amelia would
i wouldn't put it past her, no
amelia, amelia would
but what does that say about you?
you stood by, motionless and stumped, and all out of options
you were an accomplice

amelia, amelia would
but that doesn't mean it's wise
amelia, amelia would
but reckless abandonment should not be admired
amelia bites her fingernails so bad that she gets down to the skin
and eventually the blood won't deter her no more and she'll make it to the bone

oh - oh- oh
so why am i the fool?
oh-oh- oh
why am i the overly-cautious one?
oh-oh -oh
no, i don't think you understand
oh-oh - oh
amelia's the lunatic

amelia, amelia would
she counts with her hands and her feet
amelia, amelia would
and she never acknowledges defeat
amelia reads you like a book that's written in her second language
she understands your drift, of course, but assumes you're up for interpretation

amelia's retarded
Track Name: Being Left-Handed's Hard (And Mildly Inconvenient)
i'm sure i'm not the first
to write a song like this
and i know i won't be the last
and the reason for that is
being left-handed's hard
and mildly inconvenient
i'd rather die alone
and have maggots feast on my bones
mom says, ‘use these scissors’
f*ck you, mom, and f*ck the world
f*ck the corporations that made these scissors
I won’t fit your mold

and what i really hate
is sitting at those desks
and writing across the page
and then the ink smears across your hand

being left-handed's hard
and mildly inconvenient
I’d rather get the gout
or have my cat claw my eyeballs out
being left-handed's hard
and mildly inconvenient
I can’t even play guitar
but I’m pretty sure it’s ‘cause I’m a girl...
Track Name: Next Summer
You promised me next summer
I love frozen strawberries
the way you mussed your hair, like you didn't care
it took you two hours to get it like that

and i'm not gonna hold my breath - i'm asthmatic
and i'll stand here on that ledge
i'm doing this for you...

you promised me next summer
i can imagine what will happen
we will still be lovers, we'll still be in love
and you'll be as funny as i remember

but i'm not gonna hold my breath
what if you've grown smug?
and i'll stand here on that ledge
but i won't let go of the railing.

i won't let go of your hand.
Track Name: Home
there's no accounting for taste
there's no such thing as soulmates
so i'll readily admit, i had some say in this
but it really feels like my heart
has a mind of its own
and suddenly i hate sleeping alone

i'll wait for you to come home

i'm the queen of bad timing
you're the king of stale mates
you're just ready to twist everything that i say
but you give as much as you take
i know you feel the same way

'cause otherwise you wouldn't be asking about me

i'll wait for you to come home
you always come home
you cut me to the bone
but you always come home

my mom says if i were smart
i'd start doing the lock
you tell me i'm a fool, waiting around for you
you slink into my bed, erase what you said

i'll wait for you to come home
eventually you'll see i'm home

there's no accounting for taste...